Zuxin Liu

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Carnegie Mellon University 2019.8 -

Pittsburgh, PA

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering * Advised by Prof. Ding Zhao

Beihang University 2015.9 - 2019.6

Beijing, China

B.Eng. in Technology and Apparatus of Measuring and Control * GPA: 3.94/4.00, 1/167 (Cumulative Rank) * National Scholarship (top1%), 2016&2017&2018 * ShenYuan Medal Award (10/4000), 2018 * China Instrument Society First Class Scholarship (top0.2%), 2018 * Dean’s Award (top1%), 2017 * First Class of Scholarship(top1%), 2016&2017

Darmstadt University of Technology 2018.9 - 2019.3

Darmstadt, Germany

Exchange Student at the Computer Science Department * Fully funded by the China Scholarship Council * Courses: Computer Vision; Robot Learning (lecture, seminar, and project Lab)


Where Should We Place LiDARs on the Autonomous Vehicle? - An Optimal Design Approach

Zuxin Liu, Mansur Arief, and Ding Zhao.
2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).

DS-SLAM: A Semantic Visual SLAM towards Dynamic Environments

Chao Yu, Zuxin Liu, Fei Qiao et al.
Ranked as the most popular presentation by INFOVAYA.
2018 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS).

Undergraduate Experience

Darmstadt University of Technology 2018.10 - 2019.3

Advisor: Prof. Jan Peters & Dr. Riad Akrour
* Project: Implement the DQN and MPC algorithms from scratch and thoroughly evaluate them on the Cart-pole, Double-cart-pole and Furuta Pendulum robot platforms. [CODE]

Tsinghua University 2017.9 - 2018.7

Research Assistant, advisor: Prof. Fei Qiao
* Project: DS-SLAM: A Semantic Visual SLAM towards Dynamic Environments. Use semantic segmentation network to improve the Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) robustness in dynamic environments. [PAPER][CODE]

Beihang University 2016.9 - 2018.10

Advisor: Prof. Zhenzhong Wei
* Project 1: Robot’s Eyes and Brain: Visual Semantic SLAM System [VIDEO] * Won the award from National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship * Led a team to enable the robot finish high-level tasks autonomously (eg. The robot could understand user’s voice instructions and help user to find objects) * Won the First Prize in the 2018 International Conference on Optics and Photonics(ICOPEN) 3-D Sensor Application Design Competition (1 out of 20 teams around the world) * Won the First Prize in the 28th Feng Ru Cup Competition of Academic and Technological Works (top1%)
* Project 2: VR Multicopter System [VIDEO] * Invented a muticopter system which could let user control the drone in the first person perspective * Won the First Prize in the 2017 International Design and Innovation Competition (1 out of 14 teams around the world)
* Project 3: Visual SLAM-based Autonomous Robot [VIDEO] * Led a team to build a mobile robot platform which could achieve autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance based on RTAB-Map and ROS * Won the Second Prize in the 27th Feng Ru Cup Competition of Academic and Technological Works (top15%)
* Project 4: Arduino-based Interactive Facial Expression Robot * Independently developed a servo control-based robot which could make different expressions according to user’s voice command * Won the Third Prize in the 26th Feng Ru Cup Competition of Academic and Technological Works (top30%)

Da-Jiang Innnovations (DJI) 2017.9 - 2018.7

Algorithm Engineer Intern
* Co-designed an automatic AI robot system which is developed for ICRA DJI RoboMaster AI challenge * Developed the localization module based on the LiDAR SLAM * Developed the enemy detection module based on computer vision

Teaching & Leadership

Head of Science Technology Department, Students’ Union of Beihang University Beijing, 2016 - 2018
* In charge of the organization and training of scientific and technological events.

Freshmen’s Mentor, School of Instrumentation Science & Opto-electronics Engineering, Beihang University Beijing, 2016 - 2018
* Gave a series of lectures to teach students how to build a robot. * Held a relevant smart robot competition for students.

Honors & Awards

National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation Beihang University, 2018
Beijing Outstanding Student Ministry of Education of Beijing, 2018
Honorable Mention The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, 2018
University-level Outstanding Student Beihang University, 2016 & 2017
University-level Excellent Member Beihang University, 2016 & 2017 & 2018
The 2nd Prize in Beijing Physics Competition Beijing Society of Physics, 2016


Reviewer for ICRA 2020 2019
Reviewer for IROS 2020 2020